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Foundation Training is a corrective exercise program that seeks length and space in the body through tension designed by Dr. Eric Goodman. I have been practicing FT since 2019, and I am currently a student instructor after being certified earlier this year. I believe it complements Rolfing well as it draws on similar principles.


Foundation Training takes inspiration from more recent ideas of biotensegrity, in part influenced by Thomas Meyers of Anatomy Trains, who was a long-time instructor at the Rolf Institute beforehand. FT can alleviate numerous issues, such as nerve impingement, spine and rib compression, slumping shoulders, etc. It accomplishes this largely through isometric holds and precise movements, focusing on anchoring with the feet, hip hinging, and decompression breathing.

You can book a session with me to learn about Foundation Training or to hone your practice with personal feedback you can't get from practicing on your own. Sessions are currently only $10 for 40 minutes while I'm still a student instructor.

Foundation Training certification in San Diego, February 2024

Foundation Training Level I Certification, San Diego, February 2024

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